Saturday, June 30, 2012

The things that makes everything better.

Maybe not for everyone but for me it does. 
SLEEP, before I make any decision, I sleep on it. I have a cup of COFFEE every morning, makes my day a little better even if my day started of bad. I try to LAUGH every day because for some reason when I'm in a bad mood or just having a not a good day, laughter helps. I HOPE, I hope for everything but I don't expect nothing and  if it's actually happens, believe it, at that moment I am the happiest woman in a whole wide world. I don't stay ANGRY at anyone or anything for more than a week but I do remember what made me angry. I wear comfortable SHOES,  shoes can make a huge difference in your day. I do my best to show my  APPRECIATION to people who do things for me, doesn't matter if I paid them to do those things or if it's a favor from a friend. I sometimes get DEPRESSED but I never get depressed about growing old, it will make you feel even older which is depressing itself. I do my best not to be SELF-CRITICAL  and I don't glorify myself. I BREATH, I do my best not to forget to stop and breath when things get tough, it helps me not to say or make decisions I might regret later. I don't expect anyone to LOVE me but they can, if they want to.  I try to be GOOD and FAIR always. I don't REGRET things because I FORGIVE myself and try my hardest to forgive others.  I do not FORGET, but I do learn not to think about it. I love LIFE and everything it has to offer even on the days that seem like life is offering nothing but crap. I LOVE LIFE!

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